Gold Stacking Rings



Product Description

Diamond studded piling rings or rock studded are a fashion statement. Some consider that wedding ring exchange comes from ancient Egypt and goes back to 4800 years ago. As metallic wedding rings are not accessible in those days so reeds, sedges, rushes which grew alongside the well-known papyrus plant were worn and twisted by girls as decorative decorations. Nevertheless, more long-lasting things like leather, ivory or bone rings are not long lasting and replaced these decorations. Romans also embraced this convention but with their very own personalization. They granted rings as a sign of possession with their girls. By giving the ring, Roman guys asked for their girls. Roman rings symbolized strength and solidity and were made from iron. Also, the Romans started the custom of engraving rings. This convention was embraced by Christians and used exceptionally decorated decorations with engraved doves, lyres or joined hands. It had been considered that more scarce and expensive the thing the more precious it was for the receiver. In addition, it presents the wealth of the giver. However, it symbolized eternal and immortal love in the giver to the recipient. Now, along with gold, platinum and rose gold also have come to the style. our trusted partner